MCHNLA Pilot Group. 2013

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MCHNLA Cohort Pilot Group at STTI Conference in Bloemfontein, August 2013



Second row:

Third row:

Back:  Prof Christa van der Walt; Prof Hester Klopper; Joanne Fillwebber (J&J); Prof René Phetlhu.


MCHNLA song:  Our Leadership Song

We are nurses, we’re leaders

Modeling the Way

Improving our healthcare everyday

Sharing a vision, a mission

Growing all the way

We’re Encouraging Your Hearts today


We will Enable Others

Reaching for our goal

Taking on the challenges each day

We are inspired, committed, modeling the way

With Your Guidance and Your Help, we pray….

Words by:  The Maternal-Child Health Nurse Leadership Academy South Africa Pilot Group, 2013.