MCHNLA 2014 / 2015

STTI 43rd Biennial Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Artwork by the MCHNLA 2014/2015 group

  • The 43rd STTI Biennial Convention in Las Vegas was the final conclusion of the MCHNLA 2014/2015 journey.  At the workshop in February 2015, all the participants joined forces to create an artwork to be showcased at the 43rd Biennial Convention in Las Vegas, USA.  Under the guidance of Joanita de Kock, a very competent artist, the MCHNLA artwork was designed & completed.  Joanita later created the centre piece.  She added some final touches to all the pieces and devised a system to combine the individual artworks, in order to, not only, make it manageable for the trip to Las Vegas, but also quick and easy to assemble.
  • The result was a stunning piece of art, created by the 2014/2015 MCHNLA participants & showcased at the 43rd STTI Las Vegas Convention!!

The MCHNLA 2014/2015 artwork at the STTI Las Vegas Convention.

Dr Pat Thompson, CEO of STTI; Prof Christa van der Walt, Leader of the MCHNLA 2014/2015 group; Prof Hester Klopper, President of STTI 2013-2015