Chapter Information

Restructuring of Tau Lambda-at-Large

Chartering of the 3 new Chapters took place on 13 August 2015 in Johannesburg, South Africa

Tau-Lambda has been restructured into 3 Chapters

  • Tau Lambda-at-Large
    Chapter President:  Prof Hester Klopper (2015)
  • Chi Omicron-at-Large
    Chapter President:  Prof Joseph Aina (2015)
  • Chi Xi-at-Large
    Chapter President:  Prof Judy Bruce (2015)
  • All 3 Chapters together will be the STTI Africa Consortium
    Regional co-ordinator:  Prof René Phetlhu (2015)

History of Tau Lambda-at-Large

  • The idea started when the WHOCC met in 1999 and the three Africa Centre heads felt there was a need for a STTI Chapter.
  •  The three heads were:
    Dr Naomi Sebone from Botswana
    Prof Leana Uys from UKZN
    Prof Leatitia King from UNISA
  • AHSN Founder meeting:  2001.  (Africa Honour Society of Nurses, before the name of Tau Lambda)
    2001 a founder conference was held in Pretoria and the first members of AHSN were inaugurated.  WITS University was appointed as the Secretariat, represented by Prof Hester Klopper
  • Application
    The initial application, inclusive of 8 universities, to become a STTI Chapter, was completed and submtted by Prof Hester Klopper with the administrative assistance of Mrs Pat Apfel from WITS University
  • Chapter Chartering:  2004
    The Chapter Chartering ceremony was held on 4 August 2004 in Gabarone, Botswana.
    The name Tau Lambda-at-Large was given to the new Chapter

    Quick facts about Tau Lambda-at-Large Chapter

  • “Tau” means “Honour”
  • “Lambda” means “Discern”
  • Tau Lambda started with 259 members in 2004 and has grown to almost 1 400 members in 2014
  • Universities part of Tau Lambda-at-Large:
    Tau Lambda started with 8 universities in 2004 and has grown to 19 universities in 2014.  These universities are known as sub-chapters.
    Outside South Africa:  Malawi; Ghana; Botswana; Tanzania (Muhimbily University); Kenya (MOI and Nairobi Universities); Swaziland; Nigeria (Babcock University)

Other Africa countries also have members in Tau Lambda although the universities are not yet a sub-chapter, e.g.:
Lesotho, Rwanda; Namibia, Saudi Arabia, etc.

  University   Location Chartering dates
  1 Muhimbily University of Health & Allied Sciences MUHAS Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania 2004
  2 North West University NWU Potchefstroom, South Africa 2004
  3 University of Botswana   Gabarone, Botswana 2004
  4 University of Johannesburg UJ Johannesburg, South Africa 2004
  5 University of KwaZulu-Natal UKZN Durban, South Africa 2004
  6 University of Pretoria UP Pretoria, South Africa 2004
  7 University of South Africa UNISA Pretoria, South Africa 2004
  8 University of Swaziland UNISWA KwaLuseni, Swaziland 2004
  9 University of Witwatersrand WITS Johannesburg, South Africa 2004
 10 University of Ghana   Accra, Ghana 2005
 11 University of the Free State UFS Bloemfontein, South Africa 2005
 12 University of Malawi   Zomba, Malawi 2006
 13 Moi University MOI Eldoret, Kenya 2006
 14 University of Nairobi   Nairobi, Kenya 2006
 15 Tshwane University TUT Pretoria, South Africa 2007
 16 Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University NMMU Port Elizabeth, South Africa 2011
 17 University of Fort Hare UFH Alie, South Africa 2011
 18 University of the Western Cape UWC Cape Town, South Africa 2011
 19 Babcock University   Ilishan Remo, Nigeria 2014


  Presidents of Tau Lambda the past 10 years: