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Africa Maternal-Child Health Nurse Leadership Academy

Purpose and Overview

In cooperation with our funding partners, Johnson & Johnson and Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International, the Africa MCH Nurse Leadership Academy develops the leadership skills of maternal and child health nurses and midwives who work in a variety of health care settings.  The Academy prepares these nurses and midwives for effective inter-professional team leadership as they strive to improve the quality of health care for childbearing women and children up to 5 years old.

The leadership skills component of the Academy is based on the research and teachings of Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, as described in The Leadership Challenge®.  Their model proposes that leadership is a measurable, learnable, and teachable set of behaviours.  The Academy believes that these behaviours are learned best when applied to realistic settings.  The Academy is designed to operationalize these learned behaviours by assisting and supporting the fellow in developing and implementing an interdisciplinary team project.

Nurses and midwives accepted into the programme will:

  1. Be paired with a Leadership Mentor who will guide them through their leadership development over the 18-month period
  2. Maintain collegial relationship with academy triad (Fellow, Leadership Mentor and Faculty Advisor)
  3. Attend two intensive workshops with their chosen Leadership Mentor
  4. Design an individualized leadership development plan with guidance from their Leadership Mentor and Faculty Advisor (assigned by STTI Africa)
  5. Implement and manage an interdisciplinary team leadership project that results in practice outcomes
  6. Facilitate two site visits with the triad
  7. Deliver a poster presentation and attend academy celebration activities at the Annual Tau Lambda-At-Large Chapter Conference.


Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of the 18-month Academy, fellows will have the skills to:

  • Improve maternal-child health outcomes through leadership skills and evidence-based practice
  • Introduce improvements in health systems or models of care
  • Create and effectively lead an interdisciplinary team to improve maternal-child health practice outcomes
  • Contribute to the field through project evaluation, communication and dissemination of results.


Leadership Challenge Project

  • The Leadership Challenge project is a quality improvement project which addresses an area of priority in Maternal-Child Health, through which the mentee develops her / his leadership skills.
Nurses are the front-line leaders to save mothers and babies, not only as clinicians, but as leaders who can improve the healthcare system. STTI’s Maternal-Child Health Leadership Academy – Africa is aligned with Johnson & Johnson’s commitment to the Millennium Development Goals for maternal and child health.”
Joy Marini, PA-C, MS, MBA, Johnson & Johnson Executive Director for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, Worldwide Corporate Contributions




Contact Esti Naudé at the STTI Africa office at stti.africa@edunurse.co.za


+27 (0)12 333 1415


Applications closes 30 November 2013

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